Session 8: Relays

Winter is starting to bring jack frost to life. This kept most athletes snug and cosy in their homes, plus the christmas market is now open for buisness.

Training started 5 minutes later to allow athletes to get to the track, this is due to traffic conditions.

Although the athletes were cold to start we soon got their hearts racing and warm(dynamic warm up), especially one individual who took their jumper off.

We mentioned in a team talk the upcoming boston cross country and grantham cross country, over 11 needed to pay LWAC and they will put the forms in for them, under 11 can turn up on the day or download a pre-booking form online.

After a drink pause we continued to 3x(10x25m) continious realays with 5min breaks.

As the athletes did so well we played a short game and they determined what game they wanted to play next time as well: radar tag? I will look into this further to determine what it is.

Also the chip run has been moved from 20th thursday to 18th tuesday .