Session 4: 600m Challenge Reflection

Today’s session really showed the athletes determination. The weather was not on our sides with 35mph winds and light rain, which turned into heavy rain just after the cool down.

The warm up was fast pace and was delivered quickly due to the cold weather. However there were signs of some athletes disengaged with the session as the chattered while instruction was given. This caused a distraction for the others, with which I pointed out and asked them do you know what you are doing now (positive behavior management)? For which I received the response: no, ’cause I can’t hear you because of the wind. This was fine and I pulled the group in closer so all could hear well.

The main session was delivered in the standard way of one coach being at the beginning and one at the end, this is to ensure safe distance between athletes and to provide motivation.

All athletes performed well considering the weather conditions, their bleep test results also represented their pace at the 600m.

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