Session 1: Anaerobic: Fartlek – Reflection

After a conversation with the head, it was concluded that the planned session was not approprite as they had a competition on Saturday 10th. Thus the session got changed to 6 x 150m instead of the fartlek session planned.

However it is agreed that the fartlek session can be done on Thursday 15th (tommorrow). Thus session 2 will now be the fartlek session. Also due to having the hall available next week, tuesday; a bleep test (Multi Stage Fitness Test) will be put in place.


Overall I enganged with the athletes during the whole session and promoted a positive attitude towards individual achievements. I created a fun atmosphere by asking the athletes which dynamic exercises they wished to do, for instance (Wheel Barrow). This is great as it enables the athletes to use their arms and core to achieve balance. Not all achieved this, so it will continue to the next session.

During the 150m all athletes participated and represented near pefect technique. This was pointed out to them and to celebrate we had a game of bulldog (positive behaviour management).

At the end of the session I asked them what aspects they enjoyed and which ones they didn’t. This will be reflected in the next session on Thursday.


Two participants had an injury from last week, which was noted. They were infromed if they feel any pain to stop and inform us to prevent further injury.


I noticed I didnt involve the assistant coach much, thus next session i will brief them on what the session will entail and ask for the to take an active part.


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