Session 11 Reflection: Hall Session: Plyometric

Unfortunatly the weather hindered the attendence ratio. however with the ones that made it, well done! You all gave 110%.

As the participant numbers were low the circuit was changed to 6 stations, of which focused on whole body strength endurance.

Instead of game for the end we coachs suggested standing long jump and triple jump practice. this proved effective as they all were outstanding. This means on tuesday I hope, the standing long jump test can be achieved.

As a coach I feel with the lower numbers I was able to be there for all of them alot more. This relates to the power relationship section well.

2 thoughts on “Session 11 Reflection: Hall Session: Plyometric

  1. Do you not find though as a coach, no matter what you ‘plan’ to do even with a back up plan in place you seem to go of the track and work on instinct to what you think is accpetable and what you should do next.

    • I tend to have a set plan in place as to the minimum required for the session. However I have an idea of what the session would be during the coaching, thus if the athletes progress/degress I will be able to adapt, thinking on my feet coaching. So i would agree with you Shaun.

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