Session 5: 1K Reflection

On the 27th November 2012 the athletics group undertook a dynamic warm up, 2 x 1000m and a warm down game of bull dog.

In our session us coaches decided to let the new volenteer to deliver to warm up to allow her to delevop and gain more confidence.

She decided to use an autocratic style at first which soon adapted to a democratic way: Guided descovery.

For the main session of 1000m efforts, our group was joined by another. However the other group was differentiatiated from us as they had a faster pace. positive reinforcement was used to encourage athletes to continue at this cold time of year.

At the end we gave them an opportunity what warm down they would like to do; all voted for bulldog. This acts a positive behaviour management, as  a reward system.

My coaching on this day was less involved as I wanted the new volenteer to have more control over the session; building confidence to take a main session in the near future.

All in all the athletes worked hard and played hard at the end. It was a well delviered and participated session.