Session 14: Core session in hall

Today session involved an instructional warm up where the coaches delivered in an autocratic style due to time restraints and limited space.

This core session was testing the mental and physical fitness, to identify which athletes are more competitive and those that have strong or weaker abdominal muscles.

As a coach I focused upon their technique to prevent injury and to target the correct muscle groups. This was supported with motivational body language and verbal communication. On a few occasions; I demonstrated one to one for certain skills, for those that are visual learners.

However two athletes didn’t listen during instructions and didn’t understand. Of which I didn’t redeliver the instructions as this would hinder the others training time. For the future I will note if they do this again and will try giving them more responsibility such as organizing the warm ups. To get them more engaged with sessions.

If this differentiation with these two works; I will have a great scenario for the upcoming group presentations at university.

Also the standing long jump measurements have been recorded and are ready for further analysis.

Key points for next session:

  • Differentiation: – extra responsibility for the two athletes
  • More research into methods of Differentiation


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