Session 16


Session 16 was a hard plyometric & Abs circuit. Game of Ladders as a reward for their hard efforts.

Reflective Practice

The Session was well planned and was set up prior the athletes arrival. This was essential to enable more time on training to improve performance. I demonstrated each station and for those that knew the exercises were offered a chance to demonstrate. this method was used to show their learning and boost confidence.

All in all the session went well, however 2 athletes were not engaged with the session. these athletes were taken a side, following the positive reinforcement method. This worked briefly, but they soon began disengaging.

This occurred due to the intensity of the exercises and the athletes current level of fitness. This session was designed to push athletes to their boundaries, were as some athletes kept pushing others began to fatigue.

This outlines that grouping had to be changed from the initial needs analysis conducted in November 2012.

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