Session 17: Relays


Todays session focused on correct distances between the relay transition and run up. This is to encourage athletes to participate in the 4x100m relays over the summer period.

The Session

The training began with an athlete led warm up, which was really good. It was a modified version of bulldog, but he called it crabs and fishes. the crab aka bulldog could only move sideways, but can move forward to a new position once the fish were all in the safe zone.

The main session consisted of 50m relays over a 500m distance. Batons were used and shown that the athletes were not familiar with them. the session got broke down into a whole part whole modified. The athletes were divided into groups where they focused onĀ  one elementĀ each. From each group leaders were chosen if not volunteered to organize the tasks.

Outcome and Reflection

This provide useful as they worked harder physically and mentally; running and decision making, problem solving. This will be incorporated were possible in future sessions. An athlete based design. They were rewarded with a game of Numbers

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