Session 18: 3 x 600m and plyometrics


The athletes were very dedicated to todays hard session. It involved running three 600m and a 25 minute plyometric program. I couldn’t have asked anymore of them.

The Session

Todays session was┬ácombination of intense plyo’s and 600m training. The Warm-up was coach lead, however I used two athletes as assistants to identify proper technique as a third person. I chose to do this to give them more understanding of the biomechanics involved. NESW was played at the end, however some athletes chose not to participate, due to upcoming competitions in Lincs League.


The athletes were put into groups following the differentiation model: grouping by ability and friendships. This is the most effective way to train within the youth group. Although some girls and boys don’t like training in the same groups. This was noted and the grouping was changed to a random selection. However performance levels were still a deciding factor.

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